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  • Whenever I try to upload my game to the Arcade, the webpage just keeps on loading and then shows an error message. I know about the 10mb and 800 pixels-in-width limit but I really need some questions answered regarding this situation:

    1. Is the 10mb limit referring to the memory usage on my hard drive or something else?

    2. Is the 800 pixels-in-width limit talking about the width of my layout in the project, width of the sprites in my project or something else?

    3. (Might be a stupid question) Can I upload a game to the Arcade even though I'm using the free version of Construct 2?

    Thanks if you took your time to read and/or answer this.

  • Firstly, are you using the very latest build, currently r171, available from the bottom of this page?

    When you select export and choose 'Scirra Arcade', the resulting .zip must be less than 10MB.

    As long as you're not using non-standard plugins, then it should be OK. Using the free version is not a problem for the Arcade.

  • I am using the r168, but isn't the r171 a little unstable compared to the r168 since the r171 is in beta?

    When I exported the project and looked at the zip file I found out that my game is 16,8 mb. That's one problem solved. Thanks.

    But I still don't know what the 800 pixels-in-width limit is referring to.

  • You have always needed to use the very latest build to upload to the arcade, so r171 is needed.

    You can always, install r171, upload to arcade then remove and put r168 back on. A bit of faffing, but it doesn't take that long to do.

    The size is a problem, so you will need to do some pruning to get the size down.

  • I have installed r171 and trashed my r168 project.

    The size of the zip file isn't going to be a problem since I have to limit my future projects to what the uploader can handle.

    Still wondering what the 800 pixels-in-width limit is referring to. Layout? Sprites? Window size?

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  • It will be Project/Window size, as Layout size can be huge, obviously, to cater for scrolling horizontal or vertical games.

  • My questions have been answered and, hopefully, my upload issues shouldn't reappear. Thanks for the help.

  • SpandexCarrot

    Just in case you're unaware, r172 was released today, so that will now be needed for the arcade.

  • Here is an example of game with more than 10mb, uploaded successfully to the website Kongregate.


    Thanks a lot to Ashley and AarongamerX for the tutorials

    Here are the simple ways:

    Step 1) Upload your game to Google Drive


    Step 2) Upload To Kongregate


    That's it, Hope it helps =)

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