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  • I'm going to be releasing my full game early next week, and I'm wondering whether I should upgrade C2 and NW before doing the final export. I'm currently using the most recent stable release (r221) and NW.JS version 0.130.0-rc1. So for anyone who has upgraded to the most recent versions are there any big benefits or newly-created ongoing issues I should know about? Usually I avoid using the beta releases if I can wait.

    So far I know that the most recent NW is supposed to fix an issue with the title of the game not appearing in the window. There was also that issue with not closing processes properly which I've worked around, but I'm not sure if its been fixed in NW's rc3 now.

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  • I'd do some testing. If the game works fine for you and for your testers, then I see no reason to upgrade before the final export. However, you might want to do some testing with the newer NW.js.

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