UPDATED New Beta 03 Game Released Get That Ball In

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  • UPDATED BETA 03: Added New Level with WIND EFFECTS

    Also added PASSWORDS for LEVEL SELECT, when you complete a level you'll be given a 6 digit number, just enter them if you return later to go back to last level.

    NOTE ON PASSWORDS: The way i've done it is using a VARIABLE and when you put in certain numbers they add up to a total, if that total is a match for a level you goto that level, As i couldn't figure out how to input strings and check them, as i'm still new to this. But hey it works for now.

    TODO: More Levels, Better graphics, and a bug to wait for when balls stop moving.

    UPDATED BETA 02: Collision changed to Circle thanks to Kyatric for letting me know.

    Changed to different server for better working of the game, Audio now Works.

    Updated Level 3... Now it's a bit harder.

    ToDo: SoundFX need altering abit, Add more Physics Stuff, Like Wind, Magnet, More Levels.

    Get That Ball In NEW LINK

    Ok i'm sort of getting the hang of this a little bit more each day, So i have created another game called Get That Ball In.

    I wanted to create an ADDICTIVE GAME simple,fun and had a comeback again appeal, i re-created Blitz as Bomber which i love and bigcatrik has kindley taken this on to better it in so many ways with graphics and so on.

    So now it's time for me to do a full game thats addictive,fun and has comeback appeal. So here it is.

    The idea is simple you have power and angles and you fire a ball into a certain part of the level, of course there's obsticles, at present only 3 levels, but many more coming soon.

    I know it's not perfect in the physics, but i have more to add such as Wind, Magnets etc, i hope you enjoy what i've done so far.

    Tested in IE9 on my PC and it seems fine from here, if you find any bugs let me know, i have tested and tested but hey you never know.

    Can anyone let me know if the sounds play ok, there is menu music and soundFX, as online i don't seem to here anything in IE9 or Firefox but all the correct files are there, and could be just my PC/Internet

    If anyone wants to make me a graphic for the ball launcher i would be very greatful and credit you of course.

    <img src="http://i508.photobucket.com/albums/s329/tonycrew/screen2-1.jpg" border="0">

    <img src="http://i508.photobucket.com/albums/s329/tonycrew/screen1.jpg" border="0">

    Get That Ball In NEW LINK

  • wonderful!

    Edit: There is no music.

  • Pretty cool idea.

    For your balls, I'd suggest you to set the "Collision mask" (Physics Behavior in the properties tab) to "Circle" instead of "Use collision polygon", this would get closer to what you call "pixel perfect".

    Edit: Oh yeah, I didn't hear sounds or music either (FireFox)

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  • This is totally neat! But level 3 is too easy, you just set the power to 45 or so, aim left and they all go straight in. But other than that nicely made and quite entertaining... I feel like borrowing the idea, heh.

    Didn't hear any sounds, though (on Chrome).

  • I like the game...yes!

    I also like that the game screen is quite large(800x600). Many HTML5 games are with a small game screen!!

  • Ok it was the hosting that was the problem with audio not working all seems fine now.

  • Ha, fun game :)

  • Thanks for the good feedback....

  • This is cool... perhaps a hold-to-charge mechanic would be more intuitive?

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