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  • i've done this a couple of weeks ago, checked Kytrics lists and found out that lots of stuff is outdated/deprecated/links dead and so on..

    so i've made this sheet that has updated direct links and descriptions so you won't have to search much.

    also i've included links to forum post, and store if the plugin is paid.

    some explanation - each of the Sheets contains one type of items (3 sheets all together!)

    Full RED row - no download links, probably dead very old or deprecated

    description RED - this probably has links that work and can be downloaded but is very old or users report in posts that it doesn't work / has bugs

    no colors - works normally.

    please submit comments if you find some working links or newer versions of some plugins.

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

  • Thanks.

    I knew there was a lot of useless plugs, but I didn't know there was this many.

    Makes you think that maybe public plugs should be released differently to avoid dead links, and abandoned work.

    Perhaps using something like Github.

  • yeah it's the sad state of the plugins behaviours and effects.

    though there's still a lot of good ones working, some were integrated into official ones (noted those too) and more..

  • Hell of a job. Sir.

    A lot of links are dead due Dropbox recently killing links to Public Folders.

    The polygon plugin still works fine. I can provide this download.

    The mkAraay plugin is rather recent and works perfect, I can provide this download.

    All others you marked (i think) are marked correctly.

    rexrainbow's plugins are a complete mess on the forums, but neatly listed on his own page:


  • i know.

    well if you have the links for your plugins please leave a comment there and i will update accordingly.

  • Done

    Thank you for all that work, must been days to do all that.

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  • Thanks for doing this, must have been a hell of a job. I might have some old plugins saved on a backup somewhere, I'll see what I can dig up.

  • done, updated links to polygon and myArray, removed colors. left the semiRed on polygon because last update was long time ago.

    are you not working on that plugin? is it broken by any chance? 99Instances2Go

    signaljacker - yeah took me a quite a few days. i'd prefer you send me only working ones, or the ones that are being maintained. there's no point in updating old plugins that do not work or are abandoned. (i will though put up a link if you have for them, someone might take over )

  • the list has been updated.

  • the list has been updated.

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