Update on slow audio - Need your help!

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  • Pretty sure audio can be garbage collected just like anything else. But we ought to be able to indicate good times to do that...like in-between levels.

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  • it would be nice if sfx audio was only loaded into memory only if it is used in a particular layout and then upon ending the layout it was unloaded from memory. Although you should be able to make your audio global as well - in that case it would stay loaded the uptime of the entire game.

    to actually have a "free" or unload Action is probably more than most need...and would be a little out of place since there are currently no other memory management actions in C2.

  • Well, you can accomplish deferred decoding thru setting 'preload sounds' to 'false', and using the 'preload audio' action to load in only the sounds you need, avoiding the delay that occurs if you try to play an un-decoded sound. Personally, I would consider this a 'memory management action'.

    However, we have no tools or options for unloading decoded audio. As you said, we should at least be able to unload audio at the end of layouts.

    Personally, this hasn't been a problem for me, but my mobile projects have been on a small scale, with minimal audio. I could see it being a problem for a more ambitious/audio-rich project. Case in point: I became aware of this from posts by Tinimations about Klang, which isn't even a mobile game.

    Anyway, returning to the thread subject, I think the sluggishness of decoding is an even bigger problem for most mobile games...who wants to wait a minute or more for a simple game to load?

  • What happens if you put all the sound into the Music folder? Then it decodes while playing - no need to wait. But idk how is that with sounds... You can try that...

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