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  • is anyone else having trouble with construct recently? my code is all over the palce since the latest update. i got code that dosent work that i know ive had working. plus i cant inplament a simple pick up. ive done this hundred of times but it wont work now.

    heres an example of wat should work but doesn't? why,why,why?

    player is overlapping with brick>>>brick is destroyed

    down arrow is pressed              spawn new brick on player h

  • I don't know what you are saying, would you be more specific?

    Are you testing a game or using C2 IDE?

  • wats c2 ide?

    i just want to know why the example ive given wont work? why wont it pick up the block it always did before.

    but in general im getting loads of bugs.

  • IDE means Integrated Development Environment, it literally means C2 editor, it doesn't mean you are running a game on browser.

    You confuse me what you are saying, are you running a game on browser?

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  • yeah im running the game in the browser(chrome). i just hit test. i didn't know there was a different way?

  • The reason when it makes unstable in runtime because you're spawing a lot of bricks without trigger once while the player is overlapping automatically destroys bricks everytime.

  • You should definitely upload a complete capx for us to test.

    AS far as I'm concerned, picking is working in the latest beta and your code would be supposed to work.

    Are you sure you uninstall the older C2 versions when you update ?

    Anyway, without a capx, your report is quite confusing indeed.

  • i see. ive had problems with trigger once. for some reason it only gives it me as an option if there is no other condtion.

    so it wont do this

    trigger once if true             >   destroy block

    player overlaping with brick        spawn block on player

    arrow key down

    i would have to set up the code then underneath id have to ad the trigger once then move it up a line to the other code.

    dose that make sense?

  • here is the cpax.


    thanks for all the help guys!

  • Event 7 replace

    Newplayer is overlapping brick


    Newplayer is overlapping Brick at offset (0, 16)

    It should do what you want.

    When updating C2, make sure to read the changelog pages for all the versions that were in between the version you were using and the most recent you are updating to.

    All the important changes are in there.

  • thank you for the help, if you dont mind could you tell me what the

    (0, 16) does?

  • and do i need to use trigger once?

  • Manual]Is overlapping another object

    Is overlapping at offset

    True if any instance is overlapping any instance of another object. The collision polygons are taken in to account if set, as well as the object's size and rotation. The 'offset' variant will test for an overlap at an offset from the first object. For example, testing for an overlap at an offset of (100, 0) will temporarily move the object to the right 100 pixels, test for the overlap, then move it back again.

    Also why would you add trigger once if it is working as intended at the moment ?

  • good point! thanks mate

  • Construct 2 itself has been pretty unstable with me. I can't pinpoint crashes but it's been getting worse the bigger my project gets. I've had it crash on me at least 20 times this week. It's training me to save every moment I do something, and if anything, I've noticed it seems to crash shortly after saving, like I would save then go into an event sheet, copy and paste an event, then it would crash (Construct 2 has stopped working crash), load it back up, copy and paste the same event, and it works... I wish I could pinpoint what's going on with mine. It can crash when clicking an instance variable on the sidebar (it will just freeze for a second then crash), copy and pasting events, undoing events with ctrl+z, It's so random. I wonder if it's just my computer, although my computer runs fine absolutely everywhere else. Sorry that this doesn't relate to what you were saying OP ^.^

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