Unsolvable problem with my 3 month project? PLS help

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  • Greetings! I thought I'd just provided the full story instead of posting bits here and there.

    I am making a game, where there are approx 100x200 pixely sprites, TiledBackground etc. Sprites (being cars) move with Physics behaviour. Zoom mechanic is vital, as well as 360 rotations. I have done tons of experimenting with both sampling options, and both make the game unplayable.

    Linear samlpling makes everything look blurry, both on zoom and w/o one. I can decrease the blurryness of the sprites by making them x4 times bigger and then downscaling, but then the TiledBackground is still really really bad on zoom, and that can not be fixed. (Unless you make it 20,000x20,000 and then downcale the layer x4 times, but that is performance heavy and messes up scrolling + everything looks floaty)

    Point sampling just looks bad. It is incredibly crisp and good, yet even moving the sprites 1pixel per second without any rotation results in weird flickering and lines all over the sprite, even when it isn't rotated the slightest. Pixel rounding in this case makes movement incredibly jerky, and the games looks like its 20FPS.

    Thus, game is made unplayable by both sampling options. Please help, if someone knows how :/


    Limited success was reached through Letterbox integer scale, although that makes the game not display properly on 90% of displays. (I am making a PC game, not a flash one, hence that is quite a drawback)

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  • Having done more research on Point sampling, here is a continuation of this "unsolvable problem"

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