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  • An unofficial Construct 2 Ezine

    An idea I've had for a while, however, due to the death of my previous two computers. I've been unable to do anything for the last two months or so, even develop such an idea. Until a fortnight ago whereby I bought my current computer.

    While developing my site recently; currently working on the 'Construct 2' section. I've reconsider beginning such an undertaking. Of which I will place here (Click Here)..

    I thought I would be able to use it to develop the Construct 2 aspects I've already worked on and plan to continue or improve (Tutorials, videos, capx files). But also providing a small means of compensation for the time and commitment.

    I have not asked Tom or Ashley about it yet, with the chance an ezine may be in their current business plan/model; in which case I would not want to proceed and compete.

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    I'd love to hear your opinions on this. Or if you have any questions

    All the best, thank you for reading this,


    Owner of English Acorn (

  • I believe it is a great idea! I'd love to have a magazine about C2.

  • We don't have any plans to do anything similar right now! This looks great though, would love to see it go live.

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  • I'm in!

    Just checked your CAPX site, looks good, not the standard stuff, instead some interesting effects etc that would be worthwhile to a lot of people. Great stuff.

  • Really nice work so far, the framework has already begun to come along nicely. I'll be interested to keep up with your progress, and let us (and me) know if you could use some help from the community!

  • Thank you all for your response and feedback. I've already started to create the basic layout and plan for it. And hope to get the vision, values and mission statement completed by the end of the weekend. To solidify it's direction.

    glerikud, thank you.

    Ashley, that's good. I was worried I may be stepping on toes with it.

    vandinz, thanks for checking out the website. Although the 'Free-Capx' part was taken from a different project which had slowed down due to hardware issues. I'm planning to continue to upload a few each week.

    teahousemoon, thank you. I'll keep you updated. Depending on how things go, I may be in touch screaming 'Help!'.

    Will be back with some updates shortly.

  • Great Idea I like to see working

  • felixsg, thank you. I hope to write up a more in-depth update about it this weekend.

  • Update (22/10/2012):

    Firstly, it's late here. I apologies for the many typos I will make.

    Good news, I now have the general layout of the ezine (See But still need to upload its content (using fillers for the moment), and integrate with social networking devices/sites.... etc...

    I've decided to move the site's domain location with the future plan of moving the magazine (assuming it goes well) to its own domain in the future. And also have it less integrated with my main website.

    More to come this week.

    Would appreciate feedback concerning the layout of the site (Not the images as they are temporary, nor the social media links as I will change those such as the youtube video). I've used a template in the end to save trouble.

    All the best,


  • Wow, that's awesome! I would totally read that. It will be so helpful seeing the C2 news all in one place.

  • I like it! A nice example of what can be done with the WordPress platform.

    ... I have not asked Tom or Ashley about it yet, with the chance an ezine may be in their current business plan/model ...

    What's your own business plan/model for this? Subscription-based? Advertising-based? Angel investor-based <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ? ...

  • Nice work, its pretty awesome. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Awesome! it would be more than this forum

  • sqiddster; thank you for your reply, if you have any more feedback or suggestions I'd by happy to hear them.

    On a side note, perhaps I should raise the point that while the online magazine will no-doubt help centralise certain elements of Construct 2 (News, Information, Tutorials, Plugins etc..), thus, making them more easily accessible. I am weary in not wanting to 'tread on the toes' of the main Scirra site by poaching and diverting web traffic by duplicating news updates or content.

    Velojet; thank you for your reply. I agree with your comments about WordPress. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I've found it to be a very versatile platform. And what's more, very user friendly (compared with other CMS's). Which will be very handy, if things go well with the site, for the inclusion of other's contributions to the ezine.

    As for my own business plan/model for this, I have considered a variety of solution to use (Bearing in mind, I hope to put in place a system so as to allow for the compensation of individuals wishing to contribute to the site; more than just expose and reference), such as:




    -Premium Content

    -Monthly Ebook Magazine




    Please ask if you'll like me to explain these [and how they relate to the site] in a little bit more detail.

    Aenopix and Joannesalfa; thank you very much for your compliments.

    If anyone has any question, suggestions or general feedback I am all ears; just excuse the wax. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Although I've heard cats like the taste of ear-wax.... strange...

  • As long as your information is supplementary (and from your plans, it appears it will be) I'm sure Scirra will be quite happy for you to have your ezine up and running.

    I'd be careful regarding premium content. If I were you, I'd leave it at capx's, graphics, and other external goodies, without restricting good stories/news/reading to premium payers. Those are just my thoughts, of course you should do what you want ;)

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