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  • I am trying to play several looping music tracks back to back (only ever having one play at a time), which works great on PC using HTML5. However, when I test on IPAD using HTML5, it will only play the first three looping tracks, and it will never load the others (8 in total). Preloading the sound/music doesn't seem to help. It is like the first three sounds get loaded, and they just won't release from memory.

    Ashley or anyone else who might know, is there a way to force a sound to 'Unload' from memory? Or is there some other technique I can use to fix this problem?   There are several other sound related issues on Android HTML5, which I think are similar, but are more severe. I will attempt to fix those later. Sound support across different platforms seems to be the biggest problem with C2 at the moment (at least as far as I can tell).

    Also, is there a way to detect that a looping sound has 'ended' before it restarts a 'loop'?   I thought checking for it to end would work, but it does not. I am trying to get seamless music transitions, but that seemed impossible. I figured out a less elegant backup plan, for now.

    Any help will be extremely appreciated!


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