Unity3D and HTML5?

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  • I was thinking, since Unity 4.2 now supports pretty much every platform, I wonder if we could figure out a way to get a good HTML5 + WebGL inside unity. Thoughts?

  • I recall making this suggestion before. Unfortunately the JS in Unity isn't HTML5 compliant. It would require a fairly large reworking on C2 exporting. Probably not worth the effort.

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  • How is this relevant to the Construct 2 Forums?

    Unity has nothing to do with HTML.

  • Xionor I think firebelly was thinking of using Unity to export C2 projects to make them native apps.

  • Unity dropped support for Flash not too long ago. With UDK now supporting WebGL I'm pretty confident it's just a matter of time.

  • My point was, I'm hopeful for a platform that can be deployed to everything, instead of using a combination of different technologies such as Ludei, node-webkit, etc.

    My main goal would be to export a project somehow, either in pure HTML5 or something else and then import it to Unity3D. which could then export to all platforms. Just a thought.

  • I'm pretty sure what you're imagining will never be possible.

    I don't think Unity wouldn't allow another company(like Scirra) exporting through their own software.

    And second, probably no able programmer would bother with porting inferior HTML5 code to Unity's superior engine.

    Why not just make your project in Unity? It's a vastly better engine if you can learn how to use it.

  • It's much easier to get into a WYSIWYG engine like C2. Unity's interface is much more technically challenging and overkill in many instances. It's built for 3D as well. You can purchase plugins for 2D stuff, but it's not OOTB. It also helps if you know C#. I guess I wanted to start a conversation about it, given it is the best way to get a single code base on all platforms at this time. If they supplied a top notch HTML5 engine, you could drop your code into a Unity Project, just like the WP8 stuff we do now, where you drop the code into Visual Studio.

  • thehen

    Mortar Melon is done in C2? if yes, then wow + nice work

    <3 water melons :)


    in the perfect world Scirra would have it's own compilation method, and also support all ad networks (like LeadBolt, AirPush, TapContext)...

    but at least making games in C2 is easy (= usually you can focus on making game, not on fighting bugs/errors) and looks much better (at least for me) than GameSalad, GameMaker and so on

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