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  • Hello xDDDDDDD

    I would like to give a little suggestion, but will help a lot =P

    After finished a sequence of animations, made with a character mosaic with more than 40 sprites, I accidentally deleted the first sprite, and this was the begin, hahahah, bored, I tried to undo this, but nothing happen clicking there, or better, nothing visible in the animation screen.

    So, I believe, will be more intuitive if the undo and redo buttons happen to show inside the animation screen too.

    No worry, the software still great as it is now, and I liked a lot the folder save system, where I did all my polygons without worries =P

  • I just deleted a frame from an animation and Undo worked for me. You have to use the undo on the 'Home' menu, but it still works, or do you mean something else ?

  • Sometimes it work perfectly, sometimes the undo simple miss one step, like now, where I was configuring some sprites and after finished the edition, I clicked to undo, and lost all the edition, but it don't happen all the time, no idea of why ^^

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  • You're right, you can't undo everything in the animations editor. It's on my todo list to fix!

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