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  • Is there only one undo redo stack ? I ask this because if you ex. is on an event sheet and press undo several times it undoes the events i added recently then undoes the collision shape that i set for my sprites then

    undoes the adding of keyboard plugin etc. Wouldn't be better if the undo redo is scoped ? Like if i'm on event sheet and press undo it acts only on current events. If i'm on layout view it acts on layout stuff like moving sprites etc. Yeah i realize this could take some time to implement, or not , depending on how things are organized.

  • Wouldn't that potentially be a huge confusing mess if you undo creating an object after code for it has been written? You'd have 2 versions of undo of the code, 1 where the object exists and 1 where it doesn't. The undo lists would mess with each other and have to keep track of what was edited where and clear each other of undo edits and reinsert undo edits depending if the object still exists or not. I would be nervous using it if it worked that way.

  • Well yeah. I just noticed that on status bar it informs what id undid. But maybe status bar is not the best place to put it. I never look at the status bar :). So i undid them all and when i looked the keyboard plugin was gone the collision shapes were no more etc. It's mainly an interface thing after all;

  • I was thinking, the confusion is made because there's no clear feedback of what is being undone. It would be clearer if the interface displayed the context of the undone event.

    For example, if you are in the event-editor and undo something from the layout-editor it should automatically change the view to the layout-editor so you can see what is being changed. In the same way when you undo an event it should select the undone event so the user can be aware of what is being changed.

    I think the problems could be minimized this way.

  • Exactly !!! That's it :D This pretty much solves the problem

  • In Photoshop you have the History view, which shows the actions you've done in a list. Something like that would probably be a helpful addition to C2.

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  • You can click the dropdown next to the undo button which lists everything that's in the undo queue. Does that help?

  • It does help but i think the best solution would be Animmaniac solution. Could get tricky to implement so simply listing the stack would be good enough for now i think.

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