What does unbounded scrolling means?

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  • I saw this feature on the layout properties but what does it means?

    Does it mean that I can make few lines of code to create random things when the player gets outside the layout? If saw , it would definitely help! if not, what kinds of things does this feature add to the game?

    and thanks in advance for all the answers.

  • It means you can scroll anywhere, not just within the confines of your layout. Sometimes useful.

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  • It allows the screen to scroll beyond the edge of the layout.

    For example if you have the camera following a player using "scroll to," when they approached the edge of the layout the scrolling stops, hiding the off layout areas. "Unbounded scrolling" allows the scroll to follow the player to the edge.

    In some screen modes like "Scale Outer" a game size smaller than the screen won't be allowed to move from the top left of the screen, because it would show beyond the edge of the layout. Turning on "Unbounded scrolling" allows it to center on the screen.

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