Unbound Scrolling on Mobile

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  • I am having an unbound scroll in my game.

    I am curious if the player scrolls to far away from the play area, will it cause any issues on mobile devices?

    I am aware the player could get lost.

    I have a built in solution that will allow a reset of ScrollX, ScrollY and LayoutScale if they are to far away and want to return to the play area.

    The only other thing I could think of was memory use, but I don't think it is really an issue.

    I am asking because I was going to hide a few extras things in my game outside of layout using ScrollX and ScrollY.

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  • It shouldn't be any problem. Everything outside the view is not rendered, so will not use draw calls or fill rate, so it shouldn't have any effect on performance. The only thing that could affect performance a little bit is total number of instances in your layout, since picking becomes more heavy with more instances.

    But everything in memory is loaded when the layout start, so memory use would be the same regardless of where you scroll to.

    Everything outside the layout will be loaded also, but shouldn't affect the fill rate, or draw calls.

  • If needed, I was going to use a layer with parallax to allow it or attempt at least.

    I am aware of the amount of instances the system has to check.

    When I am able to I use a 2nd Control Object to create and place instances where they need to be.

    This makes the system only have to check 1-5 objects instead of 30+.

    I may limit ScrollX and ScrollY so they can't scroll to some outrageous number, like 50,000+ on X or Y.

    Thanks Tune.

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