UI memory issues.

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  • Guess that's what you'd call it atleast. Sorry if this should've gone in the bugs section, the new template isn't really suited for it.

    1) When I open my project my previously opened tabs are all out of order. I'm usually presented with layouts I rarely even open.

    2) When I open the file browser in the image editor it is all the way at the bottom. I've probably re-positioned it 300 times now but it never remembers.

    3) Colors in the image editor are selectively remembered.

    4) Might actually be by design, but when you select a frame in the image editor the first image point is auto-selected. Makes setting lots of image points tedious.

    5) When C2 encounters that crash-on-exit while an event sheet is open, there's a chance every sub event & group will be opened and event width at minimum when re-opening the project.

  • I'd love to see your first point addressed. Actually, I'd love to have more ways to manage layouts and events, as getting to just 20 combined makes organising them a bit of a pain - one which has to be done every time I open the application.

    A couple of things which I think would help: remembering which tabs were opened and in what positions, and enabling multiple lines for the tabs so I can organise event sheets and layouts on separate lines.

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  • I totally agree with 4)

  • For 2), have you tried the reset dialogs button in the preferences?

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