Any typed script support for Construct 2 available now?

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  • Your engine is marvelous, the simplicity of building a scene and programming complex behaviors that are one click additions is a nice touch.

    However I think not having a typed scripting language built in is a big draw back, its the only thing holding this engine back, even in Construct Classic we are allowed to declare variables on the fly through the use of events. (Free similar (but different/separate) variants of this engine have this capability.)

    I saw this plugin, dunno how inclusive it is to events or exposed code, I know some of your competitors have this capbility (RPG Maker Engine, Game Maker Engine, Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Stencyl Engine) and I cant seem to find anything for construct 2. Does anyone know of a guide somewhere in installing maybe a add-on to Construct 2 or using built in functionality to allow scripting some what? Atleast maybe declaring variables or triggering events by code blocks? Navigating the menu to add and manipulate objects is horrible, A horrible experience no offense. I cant even change it to truncated lists, I can only search on the top right each time.

    Anyone know of any UI mods for Construct 2 available to us now? Or code functionality plugins?

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  • This discussion has been had 'ad nauseum' already.

    The event system is C2s raison d'être. There are innumerable systems already that you can program using scripting.

    That isn't to say it may not make an appearence in C3, but we won't know that for quite a while yet.

  • That isn't to say it may not make an appearence in C3, but we won't know that for quite a while yet.

    To add to this, I believe the current plan for C3 is to have support for editor plugins, so depending on how permissive that is, it's possible a third-party developer could add a feature like this themselves.

  • Oh ok, I didnt realize. I will just wait for extension plugins in the far future should I decide to use them.

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