Tycoon/Simulation game performance

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  • Hi, my question is real simple.

    Except maybe not.

    I don't know.

    How would a tycoon/simulation game perform, I mean FPS, that stuff.

    Simple 2D, not very intense graphics.

    My game idea would be like project highrise with lots of simulation going on in the background.


  • It depends on your competency and your knowledge in basic programming concepts. Failing that, then it depends on how well you read manuals and books.

    Very fast and 60 fps if you know to use dictionaries and arrays very well.

    Slow if you rely on getting data from sprite objects every tick for data simulations.

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  • I've made a sim game with lots of stuff happening in the background, it runs great. I'm making an even more complex economic simulation in this next game currently and so far it runs great while not even stressing the CPU.

    As Sethmaster said above, it depends on your ability. C2 being really easy to code for but it doesn't correct your sloppy coding. Optimizations comes down to your own ability and experience.

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