Two simple things I'd love in C2

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  • 1. A way to refer to a pinned object.

    Say I have a sprite with a pinned text.

    If the sprite is selected it would be nice to "select pinned" [text]...

    I know there are containers, but in my case I might end up destroying the linked object and that would destroy also the container....

    Pretty please, add "Select pinned [object]" to C2, if it isn't too much of a hassle...

    2. Comments between actions

    Now I only seem able to add comments to events.

    I have several events with lots of actions doing different things.

    I'd love to have some kind of way to group the actions into subgroups just for making them neat and easy to manage.

    A comment row that I could attach between actions would be the easist way to achieve this, I belive.... (groupin actions would be also great...)

  • 1) You can pick the pinned object by its UID (use the PinnedUID expression)

    2) This has been suggested a few times, I'll see what we can do.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    Sadly, I didnt understand how to use the PinnedUID...

    Tried to, but couldn't figure out how to get the PinnedUID expression to show.

    However, no panic.

    I just assign the HeroUID to every Pinned object.

    That way, when the hero is destroyed I can do "For each [Family] with HeroId = Heroes.UID" to mass-destroy the needed objects.

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  • I think this is how Ashley was suggesting you select the items using the Pinned object's PinnedUID.

    System.For each [Family]

    System.Compare two values: [Family].Pin.PinnedUID = Heroes.UID

    Your way does work, but hopefully you can get this working, as it is a nicer solution not requiring extra variables.

  • Oh, ok, will definitely try it out.

    Thanks for clarifying it.

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