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  • Im about to finish my first game for Android market and i have two questions.

    1- I have the personal license, i know i can only earn $5000, my question is what happens if i reach that amount, do i stop getting revenue or do i just keep getting revenue and the only thing that i need to do is upgrade the license?

    And the second one is about that Copyright thing that devs put in their games at the bottom, should i put that in my game? I mean what do i write? Something like this "Copyright sachos Games 2014"??

    Sorry if i sound stupid its my first game =)

  • Scirra has nothing to do with your income, so its up to you to update things appropriately.

    Also, at least here in the states, legally no one can steal you game, however if someone were to attempt such a thing it would fall on you to prove that you have ownership.

  • I mean once i upgrade my license im done? Or do i need to reupload a new version of the game to the market or something?

  • Once you reach 5000, and upgrade you are done, and legally can make as much money as you want. If you don't upgrade and make money over and above the 5000 then nothing will happen, BUT if you start making decent money and scirra gets wiff of it - you will end up in a lot of trouble and legally you will loose. Best upgrade when you need too, and enjoy all your hard earned money.

    Nothing changes with your game, its the same software, its just the right to make profits from your game that changes. Same apply's to other softwares / unity etc who offer x amount of profits before requirement of licenses.

    I know it is tempting to fly under the radar once exceeding the stated amounts - but it isn't worth it in the long run.

    Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar so to speak :)

  • Thanks DUTOIT i just wanted to know how to upgrade properly xD

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  • No problem. And copyright - Whateven you want to say :), but I would link it back to your website as well. It html 5 they iframe your game etc all over the web, passing it off as theirs, but with a link back to your site will drive traffic back to you etc.

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