Did the tutorials get any update?

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  • It's been a while since I last followed the beloved Ghost Shooter tutorial, and I know much has changed to Construct 2 with all its most awesome glory. With consideration of fiddling with game making again, I figure I'll need to learn from scratch after 2 years of being away from Construct 2.

    I wonder though: did any of these beginner tutorials get an update that reflects the massive changes that have been made to the engine? Just want to double check if there are current, updated tutorials better for the current versions of Construct 2, or if I should continue to follow the original tutorials and adopt my way through in case there is any discrepancy, or better way of doing things with the new features.

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  • Ashley updates his tutorials as the new features goes.

    You can also check out the manual and the provided examples in the "example" folder of C2 to learn more about new features.

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