Any tutorials for this type of dungeon crawler?

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  • So the dungeon crawler i am trying to make is one that each level is just a set of tiles that the user taps (this is for mobile devices) and then either nothing appears, enemy appears, or some type of loot appears. I was wondering if there were any tutorials for this type of game out there that anyone knew of that i can refer to as i run into things i can't figure out how to do.

    here's a link to image if you aren't sure what I am talking about for the game type

  • Good Morning.

    You mean like find two images the same?

    It was not clear myth explanation above, but if it is a memory game ... try this link (

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  • sorry no not memory game, so when a tile disappears an enemy or loot will show up, if an enemy shows up the player can tap on the enemy that showed up to fight it, each attack would damage both enemy and player depending on player and enemy stats. If it is loot than the loot would be picked up and added to the players inventory, eventually the door to the next level of the dungeon would be revealed and everything repeated.

    it's a simplified version of a roguelike dungeon crawler game with fighting, leveling up character, finding items and so on.

  • Pseudo code but this should work for you but it depends if you have levels with preset contents or are generaitng them, if the latter, I will help out with that too if it's an extra requirement:

    Event condition: On tile tapped (mouse or touch plugin) + Animation is "unknowntile"

    When selecting a tapped tile, you may want to set a global variable to the UID right after, like so: Set variable to "int(Tile.UID)"

    Set Animation to:

    Choose ("Nothing", "Enemy1", "Enemy2", "Loot1", "Loot1", "Loot2")[/code:2sth6bkn]
    You can list duplicates of the same animation in Choose if you want to create weighed probabilities, such as Enemy2 being more common.
    Create separate conditions for the functions of each tile-type, such as for Loot1:
    On tile tapped + Animation is "Loot1"
    Set tapped tile anim to "Empty"
    Add value to global variable
    Update text or images to indicate new resource obtained or more gold added
    The choose thing here will also cover generating an exit and you may want to only have it appear after x tiles tapped or something like that.
  • I had set it up so that on touch the tile would disappear with an animation, then enemySpawn variable int(random(1,4)) then for each i had different possibilities so

    enemySpawn = 1 create object > enemy

    enemySpawn = 2 create object > coin


    The problem I was really running into right now though was after the tile disappeared, revealing the floor tile and the enemy or coin sprite on top of it, i could not allow for tap to either collect the coin, or tap the enemy to damage the enemy and have the enemy damage the player. The on tap is no longer available option. Maybe I'm just not wrapping my head around properly using the events. To me i would be able to say if enemy spawned & on tap enemyHealth -= playerAttack and then vise versa for playerHealth -= enemyAttack and so on for each tap until either the enemy reaches 0 health or player reaches 0 health.

    I would put up a screen shot of what I had and had tried but when i loaded it back up in construct, even though i had saved it, all the events i did for that layout were gone so i have to redo that.

    I'm sure i will run into more questions for things i can't figure out and that's why i was hoping someone had done a tutorial for this specific type of game.

  • I got that figured out

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