Tutorials section now has 'Capx examples' category

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  • The Tutorials section now has a new Capx examples category. This is intended for example files to be shared without having to write a long tutorial to accompany it. As with other tutorials, there are rankings, difficulty ratings, searchability and more. So this should make a useful new place to share examples and find others to learn from!

    Note the minimum word limit for tutorials still applies. A list of attachments with no descriptions is not very useful for anyone - so the tutorial body should just summarise what the attachment is and does, and a sentence or two on how it works and what it covers. This will make it much more useful for anyone looking for examples.

    It's starting off empty but if you've got anything to share go ahead and submit it!

    <font size="5">Visit the new Capx examples section</font>

  • i submitted my platformer starter kit.

    i hoped for a forum section but its something. thanks

  • Awesome idea, I plan on adding in all my polished examples soon, and probably polishing up some of the more simple ones and sharing them, too.

    A question/suggestion: is there any way to group together similar examples? For example, there are many ways to do an on-screen keyboard, some more suitable than others depending on what people want out of them. I foresee a lot of duplicates or similar examples being posted, but if we could have a way of adding additional examples (with their own author and description) to an existing one, that would help to keep things clean.

  • Good.. I will try to contribute to this from time to time.

  • GeometriX - I think you can upload multiple files in to one tutorial. So if you have several very closely related .capx files, you can attach them all to the same submission.

  • nice place!

    here one of first-three

  • Hey thanks. I think this is a great start of a repository :) I don't feel it's a 100% finish goal. But it's a great server side start :). It's a good idea as personally tutorials should be a learning environment where as CAPX repo's only need a description :)

    kudo's on the step :)


    as a suggestion. Only CAPX that are targeted at stable releases should be allowed. As the Manuals only update the new features on stable release. The capx should target the stable releases.

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  • That's a great idea. I'll think about pulling some of my examples from the forums and sticking them there.

  • Very nice and useful. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • This is a great addition! There are plenty of examples I've made for people on how to achieve different things, and this would be a neat way to share them.

  • thanks!

    This will help <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I think this might be a bit "dangerous".

    Ashley, I suggest two things so this doesn't fade out over time.

    First, make VERY clear the minimum version used for a .capx

    And second, try to prevent "tutorials" without explanations. Just uploading a .capx there isn't useful to learn, unless the purpose is to reverse engineer the stuff.

  • great work on adding this new section!

  • That's mostly the point of the CAPX section. It's for people to reverse engineer or to use to build up from. It's not meant to be a robust learning tutorial.

    This is a good idea to get all those "tutorials" where they are not tutorials at all. Also it let's people just find CAPX when wanted. However after looking. I think this should be it's own section rather than under the Tutorials.

    Instead should be CAPX repository. That way this can sorted into there own groups like tutorials are.

  • Cool. I like the idea of a repository as well. Also, I agree with what someone else said earlier, there should be different sections or categories for people to upload to. I can see 20 people uploading their capx on how they think the best way to make a platform game is. It would be best to keep them all in one spot.

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