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  • Salutations!

    I just watched what seems to be the beginning of a very nice video tutorial series on you tube that was posted by somebody called "randohead".

    I did a forum search and could not find that persons username here.

    I do not know who you are, but I would absolutely love to see more tutes out of you. I'm not really all that sure why you did not finish the first one, however if you were to post more I would follow closely. I follow a lot of video tutes, and I really like your descriptive style and relaxed approach. Get your tip jar out there, and perhaps throw up a few basic beginner construct video tutes, on things like arrays, booleans, and other functions that dipshirts like me have a hard time grasping until they are explained by someone like you. Keep up with the construct2 tutorials, you are very good at it.

  • i really hope that everyone keep making videos i wish i had a good internet to do that. i just want to see someone learning us the basics so when someone ask on forums we just give him the link for him but none for now made it (in english).

    about boolean this is a variable can be true or false it is exactly like a number variable with value 0 and 1 (1 = true , 0 = false) so in events you will do like this :

    if player collide with door and door boolean is close (false)

    make the door open (true) and add score for example...

    it is really good to make a limit of sometimes for example you can make limit of enemies on the screen and so on ... the most important thing on the boolean is toggle value for example if player collide with door (false) it will change to true and if it was (true) it will change to false.

  • I was planning on making some video tutorials, but I'm not quite sure where to start. Does anyone have any requests or suggestions?

    Thought I'd start out with some very basic stuff, so all the non-english speakers would have a place to start, as an alternative to text tutorials written in english.

    Then maybe some intermediate tutorials later on, whatever I have time for.

  • Nimtrix , i wish you the best but the basic are really stupid to do a video for it , since i joined construct2 i started to find a way to know how to do sprites and i found a very useful videos in toomboom animate (its for movies not for sprite hehehe) in those tutorials they learn everything in 1 full project! how it does't work i don't want you to see all the videos but you can see a sample of it :

    the videos should do a whole project lets for example you want to do where's my water clone (i know its hard but this the point) the piont in doing videos for where's my water clone is that you going to learn us everything , the basics (objects,properties,eventsheet..) and more like ( array in levels and worlds and special levels) and even more advanced like physics and trails and masking and much harder..

    also in each video you going to know what you will do in next video and make like a weekend video for answering some questions

    some stuffs i would like to see it on videos like what this used for , for example when you start using physics you tell us in what we can use physics like in gravities or balls and stuffs like this , or webstorage used for saving levels and scores ... and so on.

    about your idea making basics i didn't like it because most of the videos are for basics and i really hate it even in the other languages are basics , the only 4 series of videos i watched are (1945 clone, breakdown clone, packman clone, and laser effect ) thanks to everyone who made these videos ^^

  • zsangerous:

    Thank you for your suggestions, I think the tutorials you mentioned are great, but I won't be doing anything like that in the near future.

    I'm looking to start out with some short and simple tutorials right now, so if you're not interested in that, I guess you're not in my target audience. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ... I just watched what seems to be the beginning of a very nice video tutorial series on you tube that was posted by somebody called "randohead".

    Be warned! This has absolutely nothing about working with Construct 2. It's also highly amateurish - clearly randohead's just making it up as s/he goes along.

  • Nimtrix , about videos they are not long o.o just 6-15mins. but if you gonna they too many videos i would say yes they are many and i don't want that many videos :) just 15 videos max will be great ^^

    anyway ill watch a sample of your videos so don't worry :)

    (waiting hehe)

  • I'm planing to make some Arabian tuts for construct 2, however if thing goes smooth i will add an English subtitle too as well :)

    my goal not just teaching construct2, it's more of rise awareness in my society about a great game engine.

  • prinsukun , waiting for it ^^ hope you do what i have said :P

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  • Thank you all for chiming in. My problem is that I'm kinda like a amateur martial artist. I know enough to get me into trouble, but not enough to keep me out. Before downloading this program, I started following javascript tutorials. I'd already grasped, jquery, css3, and HTHL 5, and was beginning to understand js a bit better when I started learning this program. I have a half of an understanding of how this program works, and a slight understanding about js. I know about different types of functionality s regarding things like "if and else" statements, for loops, while loops, I know what array's do, but I do not know how to implement them with Construct 2. I even understand a bit about boolean functions. I don't come by learning easy, and I do not know a single coder. I'm just a bit mixed up about how to actually implement some of these functions in this program. This morning however, I figured out how to use the "invert" action, the "else" action and the "or". I think I need to see a few examples of the same type of functionality both used for text and or data, as well as the manipulation of objects. I'm very right brained so actually seeing the bright colorful things do as i ask, helps my learning process. The young person doing the tutorial was very relaxed and very descriptive, and probably pretty sharp for their age.

  • One last thing before I bore you all to tears. I have an idea. As a community about everyone get together on a group project, called the "learn construct" game. A video game, for teaching construct!

    Geeze did I just fall into a worm hole? You will never get out of my layout sheet alive my little pretty!

  • i remember Tom was going to do a contest for video but i think he closed it i don't know why o.o just because some people said they need to learn i think this enough time for them to learn anyway i liked the project video ^^

    about array x = variable1, y = variable2 , value = many values ^^

  • The video competition is still open and running - see this blog entry about the competition!

  • i see , good luck to all of them ^^

  • Thank you Zsangerous for the array example. I do not understand how to convert the line you wrote...

       " about array x = variable1, y = variable2 , value = many values ^^ "

    into a functioning property in the layout sheet. Now please understand I am not asking you to explain the line to me. However this is an example of where there is a bit of a breakdown for me. I dont know if any of you guys know of Bucky Roberts at He does an awesome job of explaining the major functions etc. in his js tutorial series. So following his tutes I can do stuff in text editors, I just need to figure out more about how to integrate lines like your example above into Constructs layout. I think that I learned a lot so far from the manual, but by far I learned the most from the example files included with the program, and the capx files generously posted by many of the users here (you all rock for that!). Retro engineering those files has helped me to learn more than anything else so far.

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