Trying to load a image to a specific instance but it happens with all of them

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  • I am trying to load a image from the "File" folder using this code:

    + System: awardAmount = 100 ----+ System: Pick quest100 where quest100.number = checkQuestionID -----> quest100: Load image from storeFolderName&"100_pb.png" (Resize to image size, cross-origin anonymous) -----> quest100: Set opacity to 90

    But instead of loading in just one instance, it loads all of them. I already have checked and each one has a specific ID and when I touch the button, the "checkQuestionID" variable get the same value of the instance variable I've interacted.

  • All instances of the same sprite object share the same texture.


    This is why sprites have frames, and animations, and things like Tiled background don't.

  • Thanks for replying newt

    It's very obvious and I didn't even think about it (shame). I think it's not possible to load images into frames, right? Maybe the better solution is to create different sprites for this.


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  • It's one of those weird areas of Construct. I mean you can load an image, but there's no documentation on how, or if it would work as a sprite atlas.

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