True Multiplayer - iOS and Android included.

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  • As I understand the current multiplayer plugin, it does not support mobile platforms. It's a very desirable feature. I saw a few posts about support for iOS multiplayer; not much of updates in there. Have anyone successfully implemented support for any of the third party sdks like photon ( appwarp ( nextpeer ( ? Will the official plugin be extended to use one of these ? thoughts please...

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  • Websocket plugin + Node.js +SockJS =

    That was my result. Not sure how well it would work on mobile, but theoretically as long as your mobile platform is compatible with the Construct 2 Websocket plugin, you should have no issues with cross-platform multiplayer.

    Programming the server, on the other hand, is another task in and of itself. And, like I said, I used Node.js & SockJS for that.

  • Thanks much! But that sounds a lot of technical expertise - not in line with construct 2's drag and drop philosophy. The SDKs I mentioned, they have already set all these up, signaling, room picking etc like the multiplayer plugin, but including all the platforms. If there is a plugin to use any of those sdks, we could have cross platform multiplayer with all the platforms supported.

    Can you share the server side code in the forum, like a sample others could make use of?

  • I got Android multiplayer working using the PeerJS plugin and compiling with XDK. ... smbf&hl=en

  • C2 offers access to the JavaScript SDK level to write whatever you want. Within platform limitations. It's not out side the scope of C2 for any singular or team of people to actually do some hard work.

    However Google is your friend and anyone who spends just a we bit of time using some Google Fu can find this.

    I would suggest however over all to just study up on the principles of networking, layering and platform capabilities. C2 being an HTML/JS engine big Achilles heel is that wrapper(browser or psuedo browser) defines what C2 can and can't do.

  • maybe for ios .... safari dont support multiplayer Peer to Peer

  • looks promising.. Thanks! Just wondering why is it not included in the official plugin. I agree that anyone can do anything with google + tons of hours. But if someone has done it right once, everyone else should be able to just use it, right?

  • The Multiplayer plugin does support mobile, so long as it supports WebRTC and the data connection can pass through peer-to-peer connections (some cell data services accidentally block it). Currently I think only Firefox and Chrome for Android support WebRTC though.

  • i hope that there will be solution or trick to work with ios

    i waste my time since 2 months and no results

  • Ashley,

    I have seen 'this plugin supports this platform already' a few times in forums. Will you please consider adding the list (Like the one you have in the homepage) on the top of each plugin? That is a worthy information for reference page, one would assume.

    I have done a bit of research, but still have no clue if I can create an iOS multiplayer app with construct 2. Can you please tell me YES or NO to this?

  • The biggest problem with the Multiplayer plugin on mobile is that no one knows when, and in Apple's case if ever, are we going to see WebRTC supported on Safari for iOS and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone.

  • No, iOS does not currently support WebRTC therefore does not support multiplayer. Apple need to add support for it to work. You can keep an eye on the supported platforms over time on other websites like - its WebRTC listing is here:

    Adding a list of supported platforms for every feature is difficult, since it changes regularly and is not always certain (e.g. WebGL support depends on drivers/OS features).

  • Thanks for confirming ASHLEY. And thanks for the link. It's very informative.


    I have mailed exit games, next peer and app warp to see if they can provide a construct plugin. I got hard 'no' from next peer (they do not support javascript) and a soft 'no' from soft no from app warp (they have - advised me to write my own). Waiting for reply from photon. If anyone has already added photon support, kindly share.

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