Is this still true? (Android support)

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  • Hello,

    I read this article http:// blog.andreabianco. eu/?p=989 and I want to know from you guys, by experience or by knowing how Construct 2 works nowadays, if this is still true. Does Construct 2 works with a wrapper or has been this changed?

    Do you have/know big games made with Construct 2? I had only 12 FPS in the ghost demo of Construct 2 and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to rely on Construct 2 if mobile platforms are very important to me.

    Thanks for your responses and feedback


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  • Can only offer my own experience and results:

    Big RPG physics shooter, heaps of stages, enemies, animations and big art: ... gacy&hl=en

    Big RTS space sandbox:

    You can do a lot with C2 on mobiles, just optimize it.

    Also that blog is wrong. I use a lot of particles in my games, runs amazing even on dual core 512mb ram devices from 2010.

    The killer to mobile performance from C2 is not animated large sprites, particles or big layouts. It's WebGL shader effects that come default in C2. They are all poorly optimized for mobiles (works great on desktop) and crushes even a Samsung S4.

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