Tricks to staying under the 100 event limit?

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  • So I have a design for a game for the Newgrounds game jam, and I am really worried about this 100 events limit. Especially if globals and subevents count.

    Are there any general tricks to keeping the event count low (even at the expense of readability or maintainbility or whatever) that I should be using when I try to implement the game?

  • Can�t you use the pro version and use families? ;]

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  • Here's a few ideas:

    1. Utilize a formula to do the same thing as multiple events. As a simple example instead of doing this:

    variable = 0

    --- set variable to 1


    --- set variable to 0

    Do this:

    every tick

    --- set variable to 1-variable

    2. Use functions if you are using the same thing in multiple spots.

    3. Use third party plugins or make your own.

    4. Make your own scripting language that you run using the 100 events and put the scripts in the instance variables of the objects.

  • Use functions and buy a license as soon as you can afford I guess.

  • A+ ideas R0j0, I'll definitely write custom scripts if that can reduce the number of events.

    And yeah, I was thinking about getting a license since this seems like a really good engine, but I don't know how much I would use it beyond this one test game (I'm more of an engine-from-scratch kinda guy).

    Besides, if I get top 8 in the Newgrounds contest I'll get a license anyways.

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