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  • Hello,

    I would like to suggest the tree of animation when selection an animation on the "Game Events" tab.

    I missed it in C2, and when doing samples to learn more about the real potential of C2, I spend many time doing sprite name lists to consult while doing the different poses of my players.

    A sample is my actual project, where the player have at least 40 exclusive poses, each one organized with his own names. Sometimes I change some of its poses or simple split them into 2 or 3 new, like the jumping pose, being jump, jumping, falling and landing.

    So, in the "Game Events" I need to record each name to place in the "change animation" space. I think a animation tree there will help me don't make stupid mistakes, preventing misspelling, etc, what can be very difficult to detect when you're a newbie, making you get bored and angry, giving up really fast in these occasions.

    Thanks for reading, also, C2 is the BEST!!! xD

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  • It's on the todo list!

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