Transferring my game to the Personal edition

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  • It is possible to conveniently transfer my game that I've made using the free edition of Construct, to the Personal edition or do i have to copy it over again manually?

    I've reached the 100 event limit and i'm using the 95 version too so will that effect the transfer if i buy the most recent edition of the personal package?

    Will i be able to use both the 95 (free version) and most recent release version of the personal edition in terms of compatibility?


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  • Don't worry about that. You will continue having your project like before, because there is not "Personal Edition" there is a LICENSE, a text file that the software recognizes that this is yours and you have a paid license.

    So don't worry for your game, It will be safe.

  • devMidgard is right! When you purchase a license file, you simply place the license file in your Construct 2 directory and it will unlock all the extra features. At no stage in the process should any of your files be modified, but nonetheless it's always recommended to keep good backups.

  • That's good to know, thanks guys.

    With the personal edition i suspect i'm able to go back and forth between the 95 and most recent version. I've had to use the 95 release since that's the version my school has downloaded on their computers and they can't upgrade so I've had to download the 95r at home too. So if i buy the personal edition of the 95r, will i eventually be able to download the most recent release for free after i've finished my project ont he 95r?

    Sorry about all the questions, just want to be sure about these things.

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