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  • Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Hope my power stays on long enough for me to get this posted.

    I made a capx with some very simple shapes and colors. Squares, arcs, circles, diamonds, and such. I made it to share here for newbies and pro's alike. I thought it would be helpful if you are new, to have a variety of shapes all loaded up and ready to go. Especially if you are extremely eager and cant seem to wait to test out some mechanics. I also thought the file might come in handy if someone was having an issue with their code and needed to recreate the problem without having to fish around for, or create sprites. I made the capx with a small handful of events, and a few of the shapes have behaviors, like physics, pin, scroll to etc. You can trash all those events if you want and build from scratch, or you can build off of it and explore with it. If you do make some sort of new build out of it and rearrange the actions or conditions and sprites, it would be cool if you could share your creation.

    The current event sheet has a player shooting bullets, but thats is as far as it goes....the rest is up to you. Have fun!

    Happy Holidays all!


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  • Oh Geez , That should definitively help me ! Thanks Miss Val !

  • Glad you can use it Whiteclaws!

    If you keep that event sheet and figure out some crazy action when that bullet hits something, let me know! Hope you have an awesome holiday!

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