Tradu��o do Construct2 para portugu�s do Brasil

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  • Estou iniciando a tradu��o da interface do Construct2 para o portugu�s do Brasil.

    Caso algu�m aqui do F�rum queira colaborar basta responder a este t�pico.

  • This is mainly an english forum, please use english.

  • I am starting the translation interface Construct2 into Portuguese in Brazil.

    If anyone here wants to help the forum simply reply to this topic.


    Consider it discriminatory to have no space for other languages??, this is the policy of Scirra?

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  • The policy is that english is the language that is spoken by the staff and moderators, so content in english can be checked and moderated whereas informations in other languages can't be.

    I'm not a native english-speaker myself, but I don't consider the "english-only" to be discriminatory, especially considering the communities page that lists links to regional forums.

    Scirra is aware that not everyone can speak english, but on the other hand, people have also to remember that Scirra is a small two-men company and that moderators are "volunteers".

    We don't have ressources to handle different languages for now.

    It's planned that tutorials would someday be available in different languages, and the very fact that the C2 IDE is to be translatable in the long term is another display that the "issue" is being considered anyway.

  • I understand the limitations presented. I'm putting myself as a volunteer to perform the translation interface Construct 2 into Portuguese in Brazil.

    I hope that in future consider the creation of forums for users of other languages.

    It is intended to provide the Construc 2 in other languages?

    At the end of the translation of the xml file, to whom I send it?

  • Construct 2 is not yet fully translatable. We do not recommend that you begin translating it. Please also keep to English on the forum as Kyatric explained, thanks!

  • works quite well, if your english isn't great, translate first, then post in English. This ensures you don't get deleted as spam and that more people from all over the world can read and respond to you.

  • Yeah as Ashley said C2 is not yet fully translatable. When it happens i'll get C2 translated to Portuguese-BR myself, fear not. No need for more than one person for that.

  • I understand the justifications and limitations on the translation, the reality of 6009 has translated some 2500 lines in a few hours and I think that this task can be done by one person, but I believe that when we do an activity like this in a collaborative way there other benefits.

    My apologies to all if I did understand how a rude person, but consider this important discussion to include other people.

    I'll wait for the moment to consider the possibility of having a space for discussions in other languages in this forum.

    Again, thank you for your attention.

  • Just so you definitely know - we don't recommend you do translations, as the Preferences dialog says it's just for testing. This is because we may decide to change how the translation system works in future, and it would mean you have to re-do some or all of the translating.

  • Ok, I'll wait for the change.

    If the standard used in the XML file to be compatible with the format accepted into Google Translator Toolkit, or were in the ".po" format greatly facilitate for the translation.

    I will wait for this change! If I can help on something I'll be here.

  • quando essa tradu��o ira sair para download?

    estou muito ancioso !

    stou fazendo as video aulas e acho muito legal!

  • Estou dispon?vel para participar da tradu??o.

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