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  • It is possible to make a good tower defense game on Construc 2? I'm testing a game using CocoonJS and the FPS low if is some objects in the screen. I think that is impossible to make a Kingdom Rush without lose some performance. (sorry my english)

  • Have you tried the turret defense template that comes with C2?

  • I can guess he's using the pathfinder ... Your description is too vague , explain what objects are on the screen and details ... We are not telepaths

  • Hi CaioCezar,

    My brother and I are making Heroes of Arcana, a Tower Defense without Turret and pathfinder behaviors. The performance seems good on our old PC.

    here is the link:

    Sure that we are far away from Kingdom Rush, but I like the result.

    PS: we live in Castanhal-PA (y)


  • Sorry, I was not clear. The game I was testing is not a Tower defense, but a platform game for mobile using CocoonJS. But when I realised that +20 sprites on screen slow the performance, I wonder if it is possible to make a Tower Defense for Mobile, with so many enemies and towers firing same time (in last stages, for example) using the Construct 2 + CocoonJS.

    I read the info about performance in this site and I wonder if this happens because the conversion from javascript to other language is the problem.

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  • Im doing an infinite platformer with +15-20 (sometimes +30)objects and some particles and the game runs at stable 60fps in half of mobile devices that i tested it. Maybe something is wrong in your capx or maybe the device where you are testing its too old.

    For a tower defense with top peaks of bullets/enemies, im sure that you cant maintain it at 60fps, but 30fps is still playable.

  • Last I tried the turret defense template it ran very well in both an Android browser (SGS3 with Chrome) and iPad 2. What device are you testing on?

  • Is a Tablet Sony, android 4.0. There is some objects (3-4 in screen same time) with physics, but they initial settings are immovable, only work when the character interact with them. The default FPS is 40, even if he dont move.

    I'm using CocoonJS laucher. I tested a template (sprite example in the CocoonJS) and this runs too at 40 fps. Somebody use this launcher too? I'm sure that is not my device, it runs any game from the market perfectly.    

    (Thanks all of you for the help. Before begin using the forum, I read every material in this site, but I'm a little late with my project, so sorry the bothering)

  • Android devices vary WIDELY in speed and power. Even some of the new ones are vastly underpowered.

    30 FPS is really good on mobile, so I'm not sure what you are trying to hit.

    You can't really use physics without WebGL on mobile I'd say. You can, but it can't be a major game mechanic. One of the best C2 mobile games out there does just ok on mobile with 1 physics object moving around and some physics ground.

    That said. In 3-4 weeks ludei will release an update to the cloud compiler that is WebGL compatible.

  • Somebody tested with CocoonJS laucher and hit 60 FPS? Cause even the examples that come with the laucher are running at 30 fps.

  • I would like to see the capx or a tutorial on this, it was pretty cool. Pathinder used in motion?

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