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  • I'm using AppMobi XDK to convert my C2 game into an iPhone4 app. Problem is, I'm using the "On touched object" and it seems like the conditions is evaluated multiple times every time I touch the screen.

    Ok, I didn't really test on an iPhone4 but only in the emulator of AppMobi, I remember doing something similar with an older build and it seemed to work fine.

    I also tested it using a Mouse click object to make sure the condition was correct and it works fine too.

    I was wondering if any of you had already done something using the On touched object and tested it on iPhone ?


  • Are you sure the AppMobi XDK doesn't try to be "helpful" and send extra touch events?

  • djordhan,

    can you describe what the process has been like to 'convert' your game to appmobi? i'm curiuos, and interested.

  • Ashley - I don't think so because the actions triggered by the touch condition are only played once. (triggering object is destroyed on touch). But, the bug is only present in the XDK device emulator. Bug is not present on a real iPhone :)

    harrio - You simply have to include the script to support the AppMobi API and event listener. AppMobi even copy what you need in your clipboard when you try to launch your C2 game without the script.

    Since AppMobi actually create a .js and a .html before creating the appstore compatible .apk, you can easily replace those files with your C2 export.

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  • djor,

    is that a script you have to code yourself, or is it something already in the files that c2 exports?

    i'm interested in doing an app with appmobi to submit to the app store, using c2. i guess i should just start reading on their site, instead of bugging

  • No it's a script appmobi will give you, you only paste it in your index.html generate by C2 and everything works fine. Haven't tested the whole workflow of releasing an app so it may not work perfectly :P I'll find out soon enough!

    Don't hesitate to PM me if you have more questions :P

  • will do...thnx

  • harrio

    Read Ashley's tutorial on appmobi. It got me up and running:

    How to export to appMobi with directCanvas

  • kittiewan - just a heads up, this thread is a little over a year old and was posted before that tutorial existed or directCanvas was even released!

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