Touch Sensitivity??? or not???

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  • Hi guys. I was exporting my app to HTML5 and run it on cocoon js using webview and also tried to export it on cordova and build it using intel XDK. The problem is when I press the Read button once it navigates to the particular chapter without me pressing it or touching a sprite or button, it also happens when I click a video button on layout 1 (i.g., that supposed to be go to Layout 2) it still on Layout 1 and it also happens on the quiz part of my app. When a user press or click letter a (which is on number 1) it always jump to number 3 and so on (which is 1,3,5,7,9 always) that supposed to be 1 then 2 then so on until 10.

    I am using sony experia e and Samsung Galaxy s3 which contains cocoon js and .apk of the app.

    Please help. Thanks

  • Any luck?

  • Try it on a different exporter. Cocoonjs is trash.

  • it also has the same effect when I exported it as cordova and used intel xdk

  • It sounds like you are using a continuous event like "is in touch" our "is touching object" instead of a one time trigger.

    Can you post a bit of your code? Maybe a .capx with everything thrown out but one button, that produces the error.

  • I can't, I have low reps =(. . , but you're right I am using touch object type but instead of using "is in touch" or "is touching object" I used "on touched object" so that it will trigger when i touched an object.

  • You have to be careful with some of the touch conditions because there are chances if something ends up showing or moving to that same location can be triggered by that same touch (milliseconds can be all the difference)

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  • You're right that's why I used "on tap object" instead of "on touched object" and I am so glad my problems been solved thanks for the help guys

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