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  • Hi Construct 2 Designers and Developers!

    I'm new to the Construct 2 engine so I have a question regarding touch functionality.

    Is there a "On Touch Released" function or something similar I could use to activate an animation on button release? You have on keyboard release, I think it would be good to have this functionality added to the engine.



  • With the Touch object, condition "On touch end".

  • Hi Kyatric,

    I've tried that and it doesn't seem to work.

    I have "Touch" --> "On Touch End" --> "Button" --> "Set Animation To"

  • It should work correctly, 2Bdigital could you post your .capx file?

  • Hi Ashley,

    I can't I'm afraid as this is a client project.

  • 'On touch end' should be working correctly though, the next best thing is to reproduce the problem in a new empty project and share that. If you can't, then it suggests it's a problem in your events, not in Construct 2.

  • Its working fine now!

    It was placed wrong in the event sequence.

  • Hey I have the new construct and it doesnt have an on touch end. it has an on any touch end, but thats not what im looking for. I have the same problem as this developer please help me

  • Hello Everyone,

    How are you?

    I also am facing the same problem i am not able to find " touch end ". Please help.Thanks

    Ankush Taneja

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  • rinesjoseph and ankushtaneja

    The easiest way to do it is to only handle one touch at a time - and use the On Nth touch Start, Has Nth touch, and On Nth touch End.

    Use N=0 (zero), so you will have events for On touch 0 Start, Has touch 0, and On touch 0 End. Your game will ignore 2nd, 3rd or more simultaneous touches, but at least it will work. The vast majority of the time, for a simple game, people will only try to use one touch at a time anyway.

    If you want to properly handle multi-touch, you use On any touch Start, Is in touch, and On any touch End. But then you have to use touchID to tell the various active touches apart. Use Touch.XforID and Touch.YforID to track where the touches are going. And then On any touch End you check the touchID to see which of the touches has ended, and process accordingly.

    I would start with the single touch method until you have a good handle on how it all works, and only add multi touch support if you really need it.

  • Allan R you just dropped some gems meaning i learning something for the future. Thank you

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