Touch input error with new cocoonjs 1.4

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  • I?m in the final stages of my first full scale game. It worked fine with cocoonjs 1.3. But after the 1.4 update the following problem has emerged:

    The js launcher reports an error every time I touch the screen, "ReferenceError: JQuery is not defined" it says for every touch input, touchstart, touchend, and touchmove.

    The game also crashes somtimes at a touchinput but never at the same place.

    Is this a common problem with the new cocoonjs?

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  • which version of construct are you using?

  • Are you sure you're exporting using the 'CocoonJS' option and not 'HTML5 website' option? You must select the correct option at export time.

  • I�m using the latest version, 139. Yes I believe I am exporting correctly to cocoojs. The game works in the cocoonjs launcher (but it reports every touch input as an error) and can be compiled in their cloud compiler. But the game started crashing after cocoonjs�s update to 1.4

  • Are you using a touch-related Plugin? Try turning it off. Try turning off other plugings systematically, could be one of them is randomly affecting this.

    Try removing your Touch Object and adding it and it's events anew.

    CocoonJS changed the way it detects and handles some touch and accelaration/motion events and returned values in 1.4. Could be your project is tryng to execute obsolete code.

  • Thanks Xionor! Apperently I had added a plugin called touch2. I was not using it in the game but it was enough to have it in the project to mess things up. I removed it and there are no error reports any more.

    Thanks again!

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