Touch ID(1) simulated with right click on PC?

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  • Hello,

    Just a simple suggestion for the Touch behavior.

    At the moment (correct me if I'm wrong or if there is an easier turnaround than the one described below) the 3 mouse buttons only simulate the default touch ID (0).

    I think it would be pretty cool to have at least the right click to simulate the 2 fingers touch ID(1) so it would make life easier for testing on PC rather than having to duplicate all touch's events with "on right click" instead.

    Also maybe the middle mouse button could simulate the ID(2) (3 fingers ?), i'm not using it but it might still be usefull for certain projects ?

    That was my simple suggestion, thanks for reading and thanks even more for creating this awesome tool ! :)

  • Would this really be useful? You can only have two simultaneous touches with exactly the same position and movement (i.e. following the mouse cursor), which is unrealistic. Also, there cannot be touch index 1 before there is a touch index 0, so I don't see much point in simulating that either.

  • Yes they will share both the same mouse position but that's not much of a problem (at least for me) and it still allows you to check if your Touch (1) events are working correctly without having to test on mobile (or modifying events on right click or on default touch (0) ).

    This is a minor suggestion, and it will not be perfect as you pointed out but still might be usefull. Maybe it could be an optional propertie in the "Touch / use mouse input" if it's not too much troubles to implement?

    In my game I use touch (0) for player's movements, and Touch (1) for actions, which make it a little difficult to test on PC.

  • Why not just use different objects, and touch those objects to simulate the mouse?

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  • Why not just use different objects, and touch those objects to simulate the mouse?

    This sounds like a good solution. And, perhaps you can have extra debug events as a subevent of System."Is in preview mode".

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