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  • Hi everyone.

    im tying to make my gamesalad project in construct but i have some issues.

    in game salad im using touch option to change scene but it doesnt work in construct that way.

    it goes like this:

    there are 4 scenes. every scene has back button on the same position.

    when i run the app all back button take me back into first scene.

    But i want just second scenes back button to go first scene. and third scenes to second and fourth scenes to third scene.

    but it doesnt working that way.

    can anyone help on this one?

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  • ahmetyet

    can you upload a .capx so can see which issue it could be? or screenshot even

    **are you only having 4 scenes or could possibly have more?

    *****working on a .capx of what I think you mean update your post if possible please

    ahmetyet use DrGreenThumbCAN when/if post so I'll be alerted please

    Did what I thought you meant since couldn't get any more guidance

    click .capx above

    hope what you were looking for

    <img src="http://blues-brothers.biz/img.php/2013/06/1c0493_backbtn.png" border="0">

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