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  • In my project when I touch the screen in very quick succession or touch with multiple fingers at the same time for a length of time, when I stop touching the action continues. It's like it's trying to catch up.

    I'm using "on touched" as the action.

    Is this a frame rate issue?

  • to answer correctly we would need to see your events ether a .capx or some screenshots. Without anything we would just be guessing. also what device are you testing on and how are you testing or exporting your project?

  • Basically it's "on touched sprite - add one to total"

    Testing on Samsung S3 and Galaxy Tab 4

    Exporting with Intel XDK Cordova


  • it might be a frame rate issue combined with how events fire.

    this is just an idea and my not work with what you need but, you could try this.

    instead of using on touched sprite try.using these.

    on touch start condition & is touching sprite condition -add one

    doing that should remove some of your lag issues but depending on you need it might not be what you want because it will fire on touched and not on touch end

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  • Thanks volkiller730

    I managed to squeeze out another 2fps using your method.

    Now to optimise the images and hopefully this will sort it.

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