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  • I make this game in construct classi with the expressions events "If and or"

    But now I doing again in C2 and I don't know how to do.

    This is the situation - I have 100 differents foods in a box, I drag the fruit and put in the table(Table have 4 spaces) I want put fruit family in this 4 different spaces(When first space is with one fruit, the fruit2 go automatically to space 2...)

    When I put 4 different fruints in the table, I click confirm and mix the fruit 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 and make my "Special Fruit Salada 8"

    My problem is the table, automatically separate them in Construct 2, how I do that? =x

  • Excuse my manners, but I didn't catch any of that! Please repeat it in better english, or send me a capx. I'm not trying to be insulting, but I can't help you as of now.

  • Sorry is really hard to me explain some things in good english.

    And thank you for not be rude with me because of this.

    Great work man, just awesome, I don't get the whole idea of how you do that, but I trying understand. TL22 is really hard put this idea in my game, I need talk better with you, we can talk in facebook or something like that?

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  • If have behaviour in the new version of construct this will be so more easy.

  • Sorry about the lack of commenting in the events. It's actually quite simple once you understand what's going on. And don't worry, your english is fine enough for me.

    You can use the default behaviors in Construct 2 to accomplish this, by the way. All you need are 2 sprites and an array.

    I updated the capx with comments (although bear in mind it's like 2AM where I am and I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired). Hope this helps!

  • Okok... I get the whole idea.

    you can give-me your facebook? I want talk a little more with you.

  • Might be easier to either hit me up in PM's or on Steam. I'm on here and that way more than I am on Facebook.

    My Steam id is TL22. You'll know it's me if the icon is a little guy in a red shirt and blue jeans that isn't Mario.

  • Okok.. I don't use steam. I want send a few files to you se how I am doing the whole work.

    Maybe you like.

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