Top 10 Tipps for HTML5 Games

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  • Thanks for the tips! This is helpful when considering some basic game design and execution.

    How does VAT & Invoicing make better HTML5 games?!!!!

    quote:rzodndev]Top 10 Tipps for HTML5 Games

    'Nuff said

  • Thanks guys - we are looking forward to your game submission at Softgames !

    Ashley: Yeah great idea - I think I will soon, but I would like to increase the amount of hints & tipps a bit more

    bjadams: Hehe, true - but this is more a general tipp to help you earn more money at the end off the day and pay less VAT. This will result in more resources you can invest into your new title then

    About the 3mb size: This is a major point when playing your games in a mobile/desktop browser - people hate to wait and HTML5 gaming should stay an instant experience...otherwise you may as well download apps and install them =)

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  • [quote:1eno4k6q]but I'm not quite sure that asking 3mb of an HTML5 game is practical in most cases.

    You have to consider this: some (and by "some" I mean: a lot) mobile HTML5 publishers try to monetize traffic from people with EDGE coverage and/or plans. Compared to 3G, HSPA and up that is one damn slow type of connection. Even the aforementioned 3mb barrier is *a lot* for EDGE. I try to keep games targeted for that market at half that size of that or even below. And it's possible, the mobile HTML5 segment is quite forgiving when it comes to total amount of content, as long as it looks good.

  • Andre Krug - note that Construct 2 games stream audio after loading, so if you are concerned about loading times, don't count audio files in the 3mb limit.

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