Toon Boom and Construct 2

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  • Hi, I have been used Construct 2 for a while and now I wish to be a full time game developer, due to my tight budget, I can't afford to hire artists for my game, and I wish to do everything by myself, I found an animation program named Toon Boom to create game art and animation for my game, but I don't know if Toon Boom is compatible with Construct 2 or not, so, can someone help me with this ?

  • You can import sprite sheet animations from Toon boom into C2. However, IMO, you're better off using Spriter - I last tried Toon Boom a couple of years ago but, after discovering Spriter I haven't looked back. The plugin has been developed by Brashmonkey in consultation with Scirra, so you can drag your work directly into the C2 editor. It's not perfect but if you're a one-person team then it's probably way good and powerful enough.

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  • I second that you should look into Spriter. I'm making my game solo as well and Spriter has been the best way for me to have a large quantity of unique characters in the game.

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