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  • Hey Scirra. It would be great if I can toggle the includes and variables just like the events and actions. Why is it not possible? Is there a reason for that?

  • Hum I think it has to see with the structure of the project. (that's why, when you delete a global variable, it automaticly delete the events related/using this variable)

    For example, if you'd toggle a gloabl variable, then any code relying on the use of that variable over the whole project would be somewhat discarded.

    For includes, a workaround is to put the include in a group.

    You can then toggle that group, enabling or disabling the inclusion.

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  • Good idea with the workaround. Good as always!

  • It's more then a workaround, actually, as it may allow you, in a single event sheet, to decide what to include.

    This is what I did in my current project, allowing to switch from a mechanic to another in a single layout.

    (one side is a track editor, the other side is driving the car in the track we just made).

    The user can switch back and forth, staying in a single layout, and accessing different HUD and actions according to the included event sheet.

  • Cool. Like to see, when it is finished!

  • It's far from finished, but I'll surely throw some beta tests/videos around along the way, don't worry.

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