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  • I am wondering where to put requests for new features for the Construct2/3 tool?

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  • I'd say just pick a C3 thread and throw in your ideas there (easier for Scirra to keep an eye on just a few of them). As for C2, the general impression is that startling new features are unlikely, but tweaks and general improvements that are likely to keep going for some time, so I guess it depends on what you're looking for; if it's wishlist stuff then I'd suggest C3.

  • One is a minor thing, would like to be able to lock single items on a layer. Right now you can only lock a layer. It would be really handy to be able to lock a single item.

    The second one is a "List Render" feature. Preferably where you can create a set of items on a separate Layout and use it in loops to render a list with several things in it. Like a picture, name, score etc. Would be really handy for creating FRIENDS lists or highscore lists etc.

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