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  • Hello,

    Has anyone been successful in collecting input on the Tizen platform? Using the textbox control which brings up the Tizen kb seems to be a train wreck. The two biggest issues being:

    1) It squeezes the entire game window up above the kb instead of overlaying, and then improperly draws the game area in that small space (3/4 of the game area is just white).

    2) The "enter" button on the kb doesn't do anything so hitting the back button is the only way out of the kb (not intuitive for the user), and even then it returns the game to full screen in its broken state (3/4 white).

    Any advice would be appreciated :) Thanks!

  • I'm working with clrammer on the same project, and we also have issues with sound delay on the tizen platform. Anyone else with a Tizen device having issues of this nature?

    As an addendum to the above post, is there anyway to interact with the Tizen virtual keyboard API through C2? I think right now we are leaning towards making our own in-app keyboard to circumvent this issue in time for the App Challenge.

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  • For anyone who might be seeing a delay with audio, I was pointed to this bug report (i.e. known issue). Seems like a pretty big issue to be getting so little attention..


  • I'm not register and can't join this link.

    So, what is audio bug? Is it don't play at all or it stuck sometimes? Did you use tags ?

    Thank you.

  • Oops, sorry.

    The description of the bug at that link is:

    "While trying to play the mp3 local file sytem song, there a time gap to play the song, but it works will for playing web hosted song .

    var player = new Player();


    var Player = function ()

    { this.audioContext = new webkitAudioContext(); }

    Player.prototype.play = function (url) {

    var currentdate = new Date();

    var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

    request.open("GET", url, true);

    request.setRequestHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');

    request.responseType = "arraybuffer";

    var audioContext = this.audioContext;

    request.onload = function () {

    var soundSource = audioContext.createBufferSource();

    audioContext.decodeAudioData(request.response, function(buffer)

    { soundSource.buffer = buffer; }

    , null);






    However, I don't believe it is restricted to mp3 files since obviously I wasn't referring to mp3 when making my post on the Tizen forums. This bug report contains a link to a thread on forums, but I'm not sure if you need an account to view: developer.tizen.org/forums/web-application-development/web-audio-api-delay-local-files

    It's too long of a thread to paste the contents here, and lots of what is discussed frankly goes over my head technically. If you are unable to follow this link and would like more specific information let me know and I'll do what I can to help!

    The bottom line is that I didn't get the vibe that this was going to be fixed right away. Not sure what the urgency level is in the Tizen camp.

  • clrammer Sigmag

    Testing our games in the Tizen web simulator with regard to sounds seems to work fine. However, there are slight lags in audio when testing in the emulator. I haven't tried our games on a real Tizen phone as I do not have access to one.

    I put the audio lags down to the emulator being fairly slow. I do hope we don't have any further issues.

    With regard to user input, we made our own keyboard.

    Also, we cant's use AJAX to load json data so we had to pre-load the data using a variable string.

  • simwhi

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Just a heads up, you might be subject to the audio delay. I say this because audio is fine in the Web Simulator for us. I have not tried the emulator. We actually decided to rip out button clicks and only leave in the audio that is critical because the ~0.5 sec delay on all sounds was too distracting. We're hoping the judges are aware of the bug since I don't believe we can do anything about it!

    Also, we decided to make our own KB as well. In retrospect, we should have done that from day one given our desire to develop for multiple platforms.

    Thanks again and good luck to you!

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