Tips for CocoonJS export?

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  • I tried to export one of my relatively simple projects to CocoonJS and it would not work, instead the debug screen gave me a bunch of errors. Thinking I'd maybe missed something, I created a new project for mobile and basically added just a ball and a floor to bounce off.

    Exported it and still get errors (running in iPad CocoonJS Launcher app from a ZIP, it loads ok):

    JavaScript Exception (Line: 5765 File: 'c2runtime.js' Tag: 'script'): TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'window.Box2D.Dynamics')

    The "game" runs fine in local browser.

    If I run in the launcher from IP:50000, I get a TON of errors, mostly with NSURLErrorDomain at the end.

    If I run in the browser itself from the iPad via IP:50000 it's fine.

    The Zip is here:

  • I thought this was fixed, but I was told by Ludei that the version of Box2D we are using is not compatible with CocoonJS Cloud Launcher.

    I think there is a lot of back and forth with Ashley and Ludei about this.... it has been a little slow going.

  • Click on CocoonJS plugin properties

    and in "Psychics engine" select "Standard web-based"

    That should help

  • Thanks! It helped with my mini-test, but didn't with my original, but I know where to look now!

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  • I'm also having this issue- hope it gets fixed soon!

    Edit: how would one go about changing that setting? I don't' see it in the IDE anywhere...

  • If you're getting that error it is more than likely that you are exporting with the accelerated Box2D switched on in CocoonJS settings, but running it in the CocoonJS 1.3 launcher... You need to use the latest launcher (but also be aware, there are currently a few problems with the latest launchers).

    You can't run in the launcher from 'IP:50000', that is not a cocoonjs export.

    Hope that helps.

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