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  • Hello, I'd suggest something, I think it would be good idea to have a button shortcut to this function.

    Thus, with a click you already have blocked all layers except the one you pointed out.

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  • This is the second post suggesting a button for this - the first you deleted yesterday after no response.

    Regarding your suggestion - it is hardly a burden as it stands to click on an Icon to lock a Layer. How is saving a few seconds of such a benefit?

    As Ashley always states regarding suggestions - a good case needs to be provided with good reasoning why a new function should be added, and of what benefit it would be to the majority of users.

    Whilst your suggestion would be a nice benefit, does it justify the development time needed to implement?

    Maybe it may be already on Ashley's to do list for C3, but I can't see it being of use for C2.

  • Exactly, delete the first message when I discovered that there was already that option in the menu above indicated, it was not because I did not have answers, I think the right thing, It seems to bother him?.

    My suggestion is for C2 or C3, because in the future I think I buy the upgrade.

    If can implement the suggestion I seem great, if not possible nothing happens, I'll have to carry on as before.

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