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  • Hey!

    This suggestion is super tiny but would be extremely useful to me and potentially others that use Tiled Backgrounds when creating levels!

    I think it would be very useful to be able to hold "ALT" (or any other key) whilst resizing a tiled background object, and cause it to snap into it's nearest image dimension relative to the mouse cursor (So say the Tiled Backgrounds image is 64x64 and you resize it horizontally whilst holding ALT, it would snap the width to the closest multiple of 64 (64,128,192)).

    The reason I would find this highly useful is because when making a long stretch of tiled background, it's not as easy to find the exact multiple of the image, which is necessary for sprites that need to connect to a different type of tiled background (They would look out of place if the 1st tiled background cuts off at like 17 then suddenly another tiled background is there that is drawn to connect to the side of the 1st tiled background.)

    It seems like a pointless suggestion almost, but after having to deal with multiple different tiled background placements and having to figure out the right size, it takes away a lot of time in the long run!

    Thanks for reading!

  • Doesn't using the snap to grid feature do almost the same thing?

    If you had a tiled background of 64x64 and set the grid to 64x64 then it will snap to each cell boundary.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

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  • zenox98

    Oh wow I never realised this applies to resizing objects, I was aware of it and have it switched on all the time to 1x1, but never thought to change it to see if it worked with size. Thanks!

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