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  • Sorry if this stuff is already possible. I was not able to figure it out.

    1. Import multiple images as individual sprite objects. Instead of only having the option of importing multiple images as frames.

    2. Be able to shift click multiple objects in the project tree, this would make moving multiple objects to sub folders much easier. Also being able to shift click and select multiple objects and drag them into layout instead of doing it one by one.

    If these things have already been requested I apologize.

    That is all. Thanks.

  • 1- There an already implemented, import frames from strip, one sprite sheet contains a lot of images, it provides a benefit, save bandwidth.

    2- I would to agree that idea

  • Request 1 is perfectly valid as an import case. Import frame from strip is another case. Bandwith doesn't apply here since this is importing not exporting. C2 already puts everything into spritesheets on export.

    Seeing this makes me remember that copy/cut animation frame is missing. So you can't copy/cut frames from one animation from another. Other thing is switching frames with arrow keys, nice one too. Only other all time request is on animation window to merge everything into the window so that there are no more focus issues, and thus less clicks.

  • Added to the todo list. Note you can switch animation frame with Ctrl+left/right, as described in keyboard shortcuts.

  • Sorry for bumping this.

    Has this been implemented?

    Just got done with importing 50 images by hand and then had to individually group them into one subfolder.

    Some sort of auto naming feature for sprite names would also be really helpful so you set a name it automatically numbers dragged images, similar to other programs like Autodesk Maya.

  • I don't think it has yet, but if I had to import a bunch, I'd open the folder and drag and drop each onto the layout. It creates a sprite and loads the image, and names the sprite with the filename.

    You still have to do it one at a time, but it's much faster.

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  • I was thinking it's be nice if we could rename frames in an animation. Then be able to select frames by that name instead of the actual frame number. When using a sprite with frames as the level tileset, I'm always having to pop open the sprite to remember which frame I wanted to use as a platform tile, etc... Or perhaps I shouldn't be using sprites for the platform tiles?

  • wizaerd When I have the need for names, I go ahead and make several animations in the same sprite. They can still be compared like frames. Would that work?

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