Is Timer frame rate dependent in multiplayer?

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  • Hey,

    I have noticed that a Timer that is set for 4 seconds triggers correctly on a computer running the game at 60 FPS, but it only triggers after like 6 (six) seconds when run at 20 FPS.

    How is this?

    Edit: I didn't mention it, but I was talking about a multiplayer game. I tested it in a not multiplayer game, and it works just fine. Is there a problem with the Timer in multiplayer? Only the host starts the timers, reacts when the timers trigger, and updates the peers.

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  • Further tests:

    • Timer set to 10 seconds --> triggers in 15 seconds
    • set to 20 --> triggers in 30
    • Tried not starting the Timer from a function --> nothing
    • Tried writing my own timer, subtracting dt every tick --> same result

    Only happens when I host the room on the computer running the game at 20 FPS. Reason for that is, it's an older computer with integrated graphics, and no WebGL support. When my more powerful computer hosts the room (60 FPS), everything works fine.

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